4 Ingredient dish

Get ready to taste the best chicken recipe in the world! I usually prepare this in the morning, refrigerate it and once I get back home, I bake it! It tastes even better this way. But you can cook right after preparing it! Check it out.

You’ll Need :

8 chicken thighs (you can use the whole chicken or other parts).
1 package of dry french onion soup mix.
1 (8 oz) bottle of Russian dressing.
1 small jar of apricot preserves.

How to :

In a bowl, mix together the dry onion soup mix, the russian dressing and the apricot preserves.

In a baking pan, arrange the chicken pieces, season with pepper then pour the sauce over the chicken and coat.

In a preheated oven to 400°, roast the chicken for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the chicken.

Baste many times during cooking.

Bonne Appétit!

Easy, peasy and delicious! This chicken is a must-try! Trust me, once you taste this you won’t get enough of it. I serve this with a side dish and a tossed green salad. Give it a try, it’s worth it.

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