Buttercream frosting

Ingredients °2 tablespoons heavy whipped cream °1 teaspoon vanilla extract °1 cup butter, unsalted and softened °3 cups icing sugar *Instructions Using hand mixer, beat the butter until light and fluffy Adding vanilla & whisk again Begin adding powder sugar, ½ cup at time to incorporate without lumps

Adding heavy whipping cream & beat to totally combined Fill piping bag & frost your cake Enjoy !

A staple in any baker’s kitchen, vanilla buttercream frosting is deliciously soft, creamy, and sweet. My favorite recipe for American vanilla buttercream is simple to make and is easily piped onto cakes and cupcakes for a truly memorable dessert.

Finally! A completely separate post for the most common recipe in any baker’s repertoire: vanilla buttercream frosting. This is my favorite vanilla buttercream recipe.

There’s nothing fancy, crazy, or complicated about it, but the flavor and texture will certainly taste like you added something special.

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