Prep: 15 mins | Additional: 2 hrs. 45 mins | Total: 3 hrs. | Servings: 10 | Yield: 10 cheesecake cups

Satisfy your mouth with the sweetness of these Cheesecake cups! This recipe is by far the best thing I tried in a long time. Every bite of these delicious cupcakes will make you smile. I know that your mouth is watering right now so, give it a try!



1 ¼ cups chocolate cookie crumbs

¼ cup melted butter


1 ½ cups peanut butter

1 (8 ounces) package cream cheese, at room temperature

½ cup confectioners’ sugar


1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 ½ cups shaved dark chocolate


Step 1: Prepare 10 muffin cups and line each with paper liners.

Step 2: In a medium mixing bowl, add in the butter and cookie crumbs. Stir until well mixed.

Step 3: Transfer the mixture into the lined muffin cups and press each lightly. Place inside the fridge for 15 minutes or until chilled.

Step 4: In another mixing bowl, add in the cream cheese, peanut butter, and confectioners’ sugar. Beat until well mixed.

Step 5: Spoon the peanut butter mixture on top of the crusts.

Step 6: Place inside the fridge for 30 minutes or until set.

Step 7: Place the cream in a microwavable bowl. Place inside the microwave and allow it to boil for 2 minutes.

Step 8: Add in the chocolate into the bowl and allow it to melt.

Step 9: Place inside the fridge for 1 hour or until chilled.

Step 10: Use an electric mixer to mix the ganache until well combined.

Step 11: Spread the mixture on top of the peanut butter mixture.

Step 12: Place inside the freezer for 1 hour or until it hardens.

Step 13: Serve and enjoy!


You can use hazelnut cream instead of peanut butter.

If you want a sweeter ganache, try adding icing or milk chocolate.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 651.3 calories; protein 14.3g 29% DV; carbohydrates 40.6g 13% DV; fat 51.1g 79% DV; cholesterol 71mg 24% DV; sodium 368.5mg 15% DV.